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Vojni put II 196f, 11080 Zemun, Srbija



011 314 95 01; 011 314 95 03


Proud to be like a big family.”


What once was a small family running print firm, “Tipografik”, founded by Nedeljko Obradović in 1991, now is a big system being improved daily. As its name suggests, Tipografik Plus is a company with constant growth in its staff and in its production capacity.

Tipografik Plus is a modern studio with a top edge multi-format machinery and equipment for a complete printing production. Tipografik Plus takes a good care, not only of its tradition but of its staff as well.

The way we work can be illustrated by our list of clients, as well: Vip Mobile Serbia, Oriflame Cosmetics, Legrand, Uniqa Osiguranje, Domino, Termovent, Atos-Fructom, Istorijski muzej, Knauf, Unibrand Communications, Kingspan, Madlenianum, Total Serbia, BioSave, Milenij Hoteli...


Printing house Tipografik plus offers complete printing services - from scratch to the printouts.

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